Composing for TR

TR is an open-source new music processing system that incorporates data from the Internet to order the sequence of your .ogg files.  As a TR composer, you do the following:

  • Compose, as usual, with notation software
  • Create separate .ogg files, one set of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 two-minute or three-minute files for each staff
  • Edit each segment for precisely the same length
  • Save the segments with specific coordinate code file names
  • Upload the segment files to the TR PC using a (free) FTP program
  • Configure the TR sequencer from your browser

Start the Slax web server,  the timer control program and TR will be running and ready for listeners to hear your sequenced piece..

A more detailed block diagram is shown below:



The coordinates for the bass clef .ogg file segments are S0_000, S0_001, S0_010 andS0_011.  This is simply the staff label  – S0 – combined with a binary number.  Treble staff file names are similarly ordered but have the label S1_   Up to 8 segment files for each staff are supported, and there must be the same number of segment files for each staff written.

Once these files are uploaded to the TR server, you set up the TR sequence via your browser by logging into the TR configuration page, as shown below:


Here you can set the name of the piece, artist and sequence algorithm. You also specify the number of staves (staffs) you have written, the number of files for each staff and the number of segments you want created for the final tracks.  You can also set the interval in hours between re-sequencing the files with new Internet data.  You can edit using the boxes and drop-down menus, pressing the ‘Re-Configure‘ button to update.

When editing is done, press the ‘Start Sequencing‘ button and TR does the rest – getting Internet data, sequencing the order of the files and creating the final tracks and webpages for listeners.

More details on this appear elsewhere on this site, including instructions for creating an TR web server that will provide Internet access to your sequenced music.

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