Using sox

The TR system depends on sox, an audio utility program for Linux and Windows. The TR server already includes the sox module, but sox is also needed on your composing PC to add fade-in and fade-out to your segment .ogg files without compromising the tempo or beat.

You can download a Windows version of sox for free here.

Once sox is installed into your PC you use it from a command line in a DOS box. Sox operates directly on the audio file and can do a number of useful things. An explanation of the complete sox command set is here.

The main reason for installing and using sox on your composing PC is to test the segment files you have created for mixing and concatenation. This preserves the tempo and beat when segments are concatenated together in TR.

A sample sox command looks like this:

sox infile outfile 


  • infile is the name of the file to be processed
  • outfile is the name of the new file with the fade-in and fade-out included




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